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Yesterday when I was preparing to leave, a huge storm hit Sydney and they closed all flights for a few hours. So by the time my 5pm flight from Adelaide was due they were backed up in Sydney. We boarded the plane in Adeliade at 5. But they did put a movie on for us.

Finally we were off but we could not land and did a mystery tour of the Blue Mountains in the dark, landing at There was 7 of us from Adelaide and Melbourne and we got a private escort and were told to hurry. At the boarding gate s were sitting there waiting for us, so then we got on board.

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They kept telling us to hurry which I found strange as they had been sitting there for hours The I heard the ground crew say we wont be going anywhere tonight if we dont get in the air now. As we boarded a message said all NZ flights were now cancelled. Sydney airport has a 11pm to 6am curfew so locals can get some sleep. We took off at They drove us in a bus. Around midnight we ate our tea with bleary eyes.

By the second movie I was so tired so turned the video off, but did not sleep at all.

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  • I was squashed in the middle row with a silly young woman beside me. Her husband already left NZ to go to Hawaii but they did not let her on the plane She did not get her visa Oh I thought it was still valid from my last trip. It wasnt, so the only flight they could get her on was in Sydney after she paid extra for the rush visa. So she was sure pleased that our flight, the last one for the day was allowed to take off. All the NZ trippers must have had to sleep in the airport on the floor.

    After here supper she swalled about 3 pills and slept like a baby. Everyone was so worn out even the babies slept. Arriving in Honolulu I walked up to the carousel and there was the gaggle of Adelaide passengers filling in forms for their missing bags. After filling out my paperwork she told me they would be coming at 6am the next day, but I am flying out tomorrow. I have left instructions for it to stay there and I will find it in the morning. I had enough strength to catch a bus near my airport hotel to a supermarket, buy some tucker, a toothbrush and pair of knickers.

    While scanning the green cake and 10 shades of orange cheese I managed to find something edible. A piece of chicken, some cold baked pumpkin, a cobb salad, and a few supplies for breakfast. There was not one GF product in the shop. I hobbled back to my room and lay on my bed the rest of the afternoon trying to stay awake watching a Rock Hudson movie on TCM- my fav cable channel I also learned about what to do in the event of a tsunumi on the local channel!!!!

    I washed the armpits of my Tshirt as I do not want to take a wet shirt in my backpack in the morning. I have it hung on the clothesline now. So now I am going to sleep. Cant stay awake any longer, even though it is 6. Had a good sleep at my airport hotel after arriving in portland. The place looked so beautiful from the air, with small hills and plenty of greenery and tall pine trees.

    This morning as the shuttle bus was free I went back to the airport and got lots of information and maps. The other reason for going back there is the MAX light rail leaves from there. But just as I was leaving I thought, I have no idea how long it takes to getto the otherside of town so made a loo break. When I got on the train I found a backpack under a seat. I knocked on the drivers door to tell him. It was not too far till I saw many roses growing on embankments.

    The tough rugosa - roserie de la hay growing by the tracks I could have reached out and picked one. Then suddenly at a suburban station we took of then stopped suddenly. An announcement said there was trouble ahead and we had to wait a while Then about 8 transit police came onto our train and looked at everyone and took the bag away that I found. Then we had to get off and go up on the bridge and wait for as they were sending buses.

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    • There was so much drama I ended up going to the mall nearby which took another hour or more to get to as a ll buses were detoured. I had no idea where I was and I was so cold. I found a goodwill store and bought a jumper and raincoat. The rose exhibition was being held at the Lloyd Centre Mall. So I went indoors at about 3pm. It had taken all day for me to get here. Finally I made it to my new home for 4 nights. The hostel at Hawthorne which is a good area. There are homeless people living everywhere by the bridges and underpasses closer to town where I had to get my bus.

      So that was my day, something pretty amid the chaos of an American city. Still no bag, but got a phone call from my man in Honolulu who found my bag and has put it on a plane for Portland. He said he is not working tnis weekend but will follow up my case issues from home- what a darling!

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      And everywhere I went today with everyone I talked to, from the strange toothless man on the crowded bus to the man who served me in Safeway, all said Welcome to America. I loved watching those wild west movies when I was a kid. Remember the wagons with the early pioneers making a treacherous journey to a new world and a better life? I always assumed they had made that journey further south to make it to California. However, the journey west was undertaken way up north and they came to this part of Oregon. By order of President Jefferson, explorers Lewis and Clarke rode off into the sunset to find the promised land of the west and ended up here in Oregon.

      Here they found a fertile valley with the abundant water supply of the Columbia River. There were forests with timber to build cabins and wildlife for hunting. A route was soon marked out on the map and the wagon trail was open. Single men were given a few hundred acres and married couples got over for free when they arrived. The rush west was on. In the early years there was fighting and disease with the native Indians, and at this point I will tell you the politically correct term here is 'first nations people'.